September 29, 2023

10:00 am

FMB Revival is a day-long musical event in memory of the destruction and struggles we faced, the friends we made and lost,
the community we discovered, and the strength we gained due to Hurricane Ian.
The festival showcases Fort Myers Beach, nearby restaurants, bars, and musicians as a boost to visitation to the island and to show locals and vacationers that their favorite places and local talent are here ready to welcome the public.
LOCATION: Old San Carlos Blvd from First Street to Third Street with three stages, featuring the newly reopened Bayside Park, VIP Tent, and a Raffle at Moss Marina!
(Street closed to vehicles)
(Open container lifted in the event area)
All-day music at Bayside Park featuring local musicians from “The Cottage”.
All-day music at Moss Marina Stage with a
headline act playing 8-10pm.
Local acoustic musicians and Magic shows on another stage in the vendor area.
Raffle at Moss Marina with prizes including
local business services and a pontoon boat. Local businesses & vendors will set up
throughout the space to serve from
11am-7:30pm. (set up by 11am)
Sponsored VIP area next to the stage at Moss Sale of branded t-shirts printed by Tunaskin. Wahoo Willies & Snug Harbour participating from their locations within the event area
Memorial and moment of silence for those lost will take place at sunset.