About Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club

The Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club was organized by a group of community women in 1950  to benefit the residents of Fort Myers Beach through philanthropic activities along with a long range venture with the Beach Improvement Association. The Woman’s Club became instrumentally involved with the beautification, gardening and cleaning up of the beach.

In 1950, history shows the woman held their first style show in January of 1951. In October of 1951, the club in conjunction with the Beach Improvement Association planned a new activity for the Beach Teen Club -roller skating.This activity required scraping, sanding and preparing the floor to erect guard rails.

Other activities introduced to the club included dry flower arrangements, bridge lessons, knitting, shell work, ceramics, forming a book club and guest speakers informing about local topics regarding the beach.

In 2019, a group of women decided to place more emphasis on the club as many members were no longer with us and the club had slowly started to die out.  In the beginning, the club focused on gathering members and revamping bylaws and getting the club approved to be a 501C3.  Our goal was to create a place where people could meet other island residents as well as support all the non-profits who were active in the Fort Myers Beach Community.  We wanted to resurrect the historic schoolhouse which is our clubhouse.  This school house was the first official schoolhouse on the beach and our goal was to create a beautiful venue for our residents to rent for special occasions.  The Clubhouse also acts as a hub for all non-profits.

In 2019, We tripled our membership  and obtained our non-profit charter. We created the Alliance, a gathering of all non-profits so that each could have representation and in our small community could find ways to work together to be successful.

The​ mission of the Woman’s Club is to support educational and recreational activities for non-profit and charitable organizations operating with the greater Fort Myers Beach community.

Today, the Woman’s Club has monthly programs for its members, hosts numerous fundraisers and is available for rental for private parties and events.

The Historic Clubhouse

The historic Woman’s Clubhouse was the island’s first school house, a teenager’s dance hall and a community meeting place. Built in 1938 as the second beach school house, it ran as a school until 1948 until it no longer could house all the island children.  The historic building serves as a remembrance to the Estero island architecture. Throughout the past 82 years, it has weathered many storms, but it still features all the charm of Estero Island.

Currently, the Woman’s Club historic clubhouse is available to rent to the residents and guests of Fort Myers Beach for social and non-profit events.  In the next few years, a major capital campaign will be launched in order to renovate the historic school house and enhance the property and the facility. Our goal is to provide a unique community venue that benefits everyone and keeps the island history in tact.  To learn more about renting click here



Historic Clubhouse built in 1950

2021/2022 Board of Directors

President:  Monica Schmucker

Board:  Dawn Thomas, Rosanna Reilly, Ellen Vaughan, Mari Torgerson, Megan Allers, Heidi Jungwirth, Christy Hennessy,  Jan Fleming, Angie Deter, Nan Williams, Gaye Crabtree-Pergoli,

Past President:  Kathryn Klar